Selling your ugly/old house can be a great challenge. This is especially so if you are selling the house through a realtor or real estate agent. A real estate agent will only list your house, place a “For Sale” sign into your front yard, and hope it finds a buyer. Due to the stiff competition in most parts of the country, selling an old or ugly house through a real estate agent becomes quite a challenge.

To sell your house fast, most real estate agents will require you to make major repairs and updates to the house. The following are some of the major repairs and updates realtors will require you to make on a house before listing it:

– Repair sagging screen doors and other entry red flags,

– Update the roof,

– Paint Ceilings & Walls,

– Fix the floor and walls,

– Repair the kitchen and bathroom

Unlike the real estate agents, Point Green Home Solutions, LLC will buy your house in Salt Lake and Utah County as is – repairs, cleanings, and updates are not necessary.

At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we understand that you don’t have the time and money to spend on repairs and updates. For this reason, we do not require you to prepare the house for sale – we will buy your Utah house in any condition. In fact, we can buy ugly houses and improve them ourselves.

Nothing is more discouraging than finding out that the amount your house is fetching is not enough to cover the repairs and updates costs you incurred. This is not only discouraging but also a waste of money. To prevent this heartbreak and potential loss, let us buy your Utah house now. We’ll buy your house as is – for cash, and handle all of the repairs ourselves.

As if buying your old house for cash (despite its condition) isn’t enough, we do not charge realtor fees or commissions when we buy your Utah house. Also, we can handle all of the closing costs in most cases. This makes the process of selling your old and ugly house economical.

Instead of investing money on repairs with no guarantees, if, when and how much the house will sell, let us buy the house for a defined priced and at a defined close date. Simply contact us today and we will make a fair cash offer to buy your Utah home today.

Why should I sell my old house fast?

If you need to sell your Utah house and it is in need of major repairs, make sure you sell it fast. By selling the house quickly, you eliminate the risk of further deterioration, which will definitely lower the value of the house.

At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we close quite fast preventing your house from losing more value. Unlike realtors, we don’t list your house, we buy it.

Contact us today and will make a fair cash offer to buy your ugly house today. We will buy the house in its condition and handle all of the necessary repairs ourselves.