Is Your House in Foreclosure?

When foreclosure looms, most homeowners have no option, but sell their homes… and sell it fast for that matter.

Foreclosure is a situation in which you are unable to make payments (principal + interest) on your mortgage, so the lender can seize and sell your property as set in the terms of the mortgage contract.

Is selling my house Utah an option?

Although there are other approaches to deal with pending foreclosure such as filing for bankruptcy or negotiating for a Short Sale, selling your house fast is the most feasible solution to the problem. Filing for bankruptcy only halts the foreclosure process for some time. Filing for bankruptcy only works best when you need time to bring your mortgage payments current. Otherwise, consider selling the property and selling it fast.

If your house in Utah is in foreclosure, the best time to act is now. You need to sell the house fast before it goes into foreclosure auction.

Since you want to avoid foreclosure at all costs, get aggressive, and get your house sold fast. As the property owner, you have three important factors under your control: pricing, condition and marketing. The three are the factors that influence whether your house sells fast.

Pricing: Since you want to sell your house fast to avoid foreclosure make sure to set a reasonable price – a price that will attract a high number of prospective buyers.

When setting a price expectation for your house:

– Don’t try to salvage equity that does not exist
– Do not overprice the house
– Get real about what the house is worth
– Get an accurate understanding of how low you can go

Condition: To attract many prospective buyers and increase the speed of sale, make sure your house is in good condition. Clean the house, spruce it, and fix broken stuff. Get rid of piles, messes, and odors.

Marketing: Marketing involves taking the word out about your house that is on sale. You can market the house through a real estate broker.

To get rid of the need to worry about the factors that influence whether your house sells fast consider selling your Utah house to a homebuyer such as Point Green Home Solutions, LLC.

We will relieve you off the burden and expenses of pricing, repairing and marketing your house by buying it fast. We offer you a definite price for your house; we buy the house as is; and we buy the house immediately – we don’t list it.

At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, our solution is tailored to help you avoid foreclosure and associated haunts such as a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report. We buy your Utah house as quickly as possible and work with the financier to stop foreclosure.

Unlike other homebuyers, we are not out to make the best out of your unfortunate situation; we will work together to come up with a mutually beneficial situation. We will only buy your home if we believe that it is your best option.