No one plans a divorce, at least not when you get married. Nevertheless, things change a long the marriage journey, and you as a couple view divorce as the only feasible solution to your marriage problems.

Divorce comes with its own share of problems. Even the most amicable divorces can be filled with hardships and headaches. One of the biggest challenges is getting out from under your home mortgage. Your matrimonial home – what was once a wonderful love nest – becomes a major impediment when you decide to go separate ways. A common question among people going through divorce in Salt Lake and Utah County is – how do I sell my house fast Utah?

Your house should not stand in your way when you decide to split. Let Point Green Home Solutions, LLC buy your Utah house fast so you can get on with your life.

What do I do with the family home when divorce comes along?

In some cases, you may choose to sell the home and divide the proceeds. In general, you have three basic options available when going through divorce with regards to your home:

– One spouse can buy out the other.  If one spouse wishes to keep the family house, and they can afford it, he or she can negotiate to buy out the other’s share.

– You can co-own the family home. When you have children you do not want to uproot from the family home, you can choose to co-own the home.

– Sell the family home. When none of you can afford to keep the home or none of you wants to keep it, the most viable option is to sell the home. When selling is the best option, sell it fast.

Why should I sell my Utah house fast when going through divorce?

– To avoid foreclosure

According to experts, you and your ex should never walk away from your home and mortgage.  Walking away from the mortgage will risk the property going into foreclosure… I’m sure you’re not ready for this.

Foreclosure will not only mess up your credit rating but will also give the lender the legal ability to follow you and your ex for the remaining balances. Also, no judge will sign off on a divorce if he learns that you have a substantial debt on a mortgage and you plan to walk out on it.

– To avoid a short sale

Although a short sale is an option when dealing with family property during a divorce, it is not the best.

A short sale is whereby the lender or bank allows you to sell the house for less than your mortgage.

The main problem with a short sale is neither party walks away with any money. To solve this problem, let us buy your house for cash – fast.

– To avoid bankruptcy

Sometimes the bank/lender may not extend to you the possibility of a short sale. This may bring about the need to file for bankruptcy.

To avoid bankruptcy and its credit impact, sell the house as quickly as possible.

At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we can buy your matrimonial home quite fast. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.