An inherited house may not come as a major source of comfort if it equates to the loss of a loved one.

We know that the death of a loved one can be a painful and complicated experience, but when that happens, you have to deal with the situation as is.  To deal with the situation, let us help you handle the burden of dealing with the estate.

If you have inherited a property, or have the responsibility to get rid of a property on behalf of an estate, we can buy your house in Salt Lake and Utah County – quickly.

Why would you want to sell a home in probate—FAST?

The following are some of the reasons why you’ll want to sell that house you have just inherited – quickly.

1. The inherited house may be located in a state other than your home state. Unless you’re ready to relocate to the inherited house and start a new life, managing the inherited property will be costly and time consuming.

If you happen to inherit a house in Salt Lake and Utah County, and you don’t plan to relocate, consider selling the house to us.

2. The inherited house may be in dire need of major renovations and repairs. Unless you’re ready to dig deeper into your pockets to cover the repairs and updates costs, selling the probate house is a more viable option.

To save time and money, consider the selling the inherited house to us. At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we have been buying houses just like yours for long. We can make you a cash offer for your run down house so that you can move on with issues that are more important.

3. You don’t want to deal with tenants. Although renting out an inherited house is one of the feasible options available, one may not be willing to deal with tenants.

In a situation like this, sell the inherited house. To make the process of selling the house quick, sell it to us. We close quite quickly.

4. If you’re lagging behind in payments for the maintenance and utilities for the inherited home, the only feasible option is to sell the house.

To avoid accumulation of bills and the risk of foreclosure, sell the inherited house as fast as possible. To sell it quickly, let us buy it.

Why you should not sell your inherited house through the probate court

– Further complications with all the legal procedures

– Delays courtesy of probate court proceedings

– Unnecessary court and attorney fees

– Strict protocol and firm deadlines

– More middlemen that can make the process expensive

Selling your inherited house to Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, you sell it fast and save on attorney fees, homeowners insurance, utilities, mortgage payments, closing costs, and other expenses. Additionally, you will save on repairs, because we buy homes in any condition – we buy ugly houses.

Regardless of your situation, we are confident that we can help you! We have enough experience to walk you through the difficult process. Contact us for an offer on your probate home today.