Are going through the nightmare of bankruptcy? Are you failing to make your payments as required by Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? We are here to offer a solution.

It is a common assumption that you lose everything, your home included, once you enter bankruptcy. The truth of the matter is that this is a myth. You can still go through bankruptcy and remain in your house or sell the house and keep the money. It all comes down to getting professional advice and not listening to your friends down the pub.

Is selling my house Utah an option?

The most feasible option when you are going (or about to go) through bankruptcy is to sell the house. At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we can get the bankruptcy nightmare off your back by buying your Utah house fast. We are experts in dealing with situations just like yours.

You have the option of selling your home before filing for bankruptcy, during bankruptcy, or even after bankruptcy. The possibility must be considered on a state-by-state basis. You also need to consider how much equity your state allows you to protect, and how much you can get from your house.

It is feasible that you could sell your Utah house before filing a bankruptcy, keep the money, and then eliminate debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. But before you consider this option, talk to us for professional advice.

Why should I let you buy my house Utah?

The following are the main reasons you should let us buy your Utah house before filing a bankruptcy, during bankruptcy, or even after bankruptcy:

- At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we value working closely and transparently with sellers. When you contact us, you will hear back from us directly.

- We can make you a cash offer for your Salt Lake or Utah County house regardless of your financial situation.

- We can cover all normal closing costs. We understand that you are going through the most difficult moments of your life, thus we might not require you to cover the normal closing costs.

- We will purchase your Utah home as is – repairs, cleanings, and updates are not necessary. We understand that you are going through financial difficulties, and thus can’t afford the costs of repairs and updates.

- We can close quite quickly. Whatever you do, it's best to act quickly. Unlike realtors who will list your house, plant a “For Sale” sign on your yard and hope it finds a buyer, we give you guarantees, if, when and how much we will buy your home.

- We listen to and value the individual needs of each seller. We understand that different people have different needs and thus handle each case separately.

Remember, time is of the essence. To prevent your already bad situation from getting worse, contact us as soon as possible for a FREE, confidential, and respectable advice and solution.

We are confident that we will come up with a solution to your financial problem.