1. Complete Our Form

Simply complete our form or give us a call. We will then give you a call and ask some basic questions about the property. If your house seems like something we might like then we’ll schedule a time to meet at the property. The basic questions from our initial call will help us prepare a cash offer that will work for you.

2. We’ll View Your House

Next we’ll take a look at your home to gather some more information. Once we view the home we’ll be able to quickly do an analysis on the property and finalize our cash offer. If a house is occupied with a difficult tenant, we may be able to buy it without an interior inspection. After we close, we can deal with the bad tenant.

3. We’ll Make an Offer

We can have a firm cash offer written for you Within 24 hours. You are in no obligation to accept this offer and you can choose to either accept or reject it.

4. You’ll Get Paid

After you you accept our offer we’ll let you choose the closing date and work around your schedule. Once we close, you’ll get paid!