Although the real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and profitable sectors, most new investors are not aware of the challenges that come with rental houses.

The following are some of these challenges property owners face:

Bad tenants

As a property owner in Salt Lake and Utah County, you are likely to face the problems of bad and irresponsible tenants, vandalism, expensive maintenance costs, potential lawsuits, and so on. All this can drive you crazy.

Although there are other ways of dealing with bad and irresponsible tenants such as getting the agreement right, issuing a breech notice, or going to court, the best and long lasting solution is selling the rental property. By selling the property to Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, you take the property and problems off your back.

By selling your rental property to us, you avoid all the legal hassles involved when kicking out bad tenants. By kicking out the bad tenants without following the correct legal framework, you could find yourself fighting a lengthy and costly legal battle.

At Point Green Home Solutions, LLC, we take the rental property whether it is vacant or not. We completely absorb the bad tenants who are driving you crazy by damaging your property, failing to pay up, or causing disturbances.